What should I expect on my first visit?

Your first visit will last approximately 80 minutes. Please complete and submit the new patient forms in the patient portal or arrive 10 minutes early, as this will give us more time together.  During the session we will go over your history, diet & lifestyle and chief complaint in depth.  Your tongue and pulse will be examined to arrive at a Chinese medical diagnosis. Needles are inserted with the patient laying face up but sometimes we may need access to your back and ask you to lay face down. The needles are retained anywhere from 25-30 minutes. After the treatment, your Acupuncturist may recommend Chinese herbs and modifications to your diet & lifestyle.

Do Acupuncture needles hurt?

Most people do not feel the insertion of the needle. Once it reaches its desired depth an achy, heavy, warm or tingly sensation might be felt. This is good! The needles are working on balancing the body.

How many sessions will I need?

Typically, if the issue is acute, you will need fewer treatments such as 3-5. If it is chronic you may need more sessions.  It is important for the patient to follow the recommended plan and be aware of your diet and lifestyle, as this will determine how fast you recover.

Can I receive Acupuncture if I am pregnant?

Absolutely. Pregnant women may find relief from morning sickness, anxiety, backache and headaches.

What should I do before my session?

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing.

  • Avoid coffee and other stimulants the day of and come hydrated.

  • Do not come on an empty stomach.

  • Don’t rush! Come early and plan to stay for your full session.